Q9 - Will you prioritize the conservation of existing greenspace, as well as biodiversity on both city and privately owned lands by amending the property standards by-law, as well as increasing targets for and allocating more funds towards naturalization?

Glen Gower


Mathew Duchesne

Yes. I believe private land owners should have the freedom to do what they want with their land but we must preserve public green spaces like the green belt.

Kevin Hua

Yes. Preserving not only our current greenspace but more greenspace for families and residents to enjoy and to pass on to future generations is a priority for me in our efforts against the climate crisis and in conservation. An issue when designing and building our communities is that we neglect considerations for wildlife and instead unilaterally encroach upon and destroy their habitats and ecosystems with development and sprawl creating conflict between us and wildlife over the land rather than approaching in a manner that allows mutual and sustainable coexistence.

Tanya Hein

Did not participate. 

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