Q1 - Will you commit to fully funding and implementing the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Plan?

Laine Johnson

Yes. I will support the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Plan within City Hall. I will be an advocate for this initiative and emphasize the long-term benefits of this plan. The City of Ottawa must embrace long-term planning and vision in energy evolution, for the benefit of both the local environment and residents. When discussing targets for greenhouse gas reduction, I will push the city to take a “zero means zero” approach. With residents and their families experiencing the effects of the climate crisis – I believe it is crucial to stop “paying off one credit card with another” and instead take a systems based approach to addressing greenhouse gasses that puts the bulk of the onus on the municipality rather than on residence.

Wendy Davidson

No. More information and discussions are required to gain a better understanding of the current situation as we emerge from the Pandemic. The Energy Evolution Strategy provides information that not only is projected until 2050, but includes commitments and descriptions of activities that happened prior to 2022, or are currently in progress. I would like to review the current state of activities in flight and associated data, such as the receiving an update and assessment on the proposed purchase of OC Transpo’s fleet for electric buses, the Landfill Gas Perimeter Collection System installed at the Trail Waste Facility, the current use of charging stations, etc. It will be important to note if the initiatives described in the Energy Evolution Strategy are delivering the results envisioned. Were they on time? On budget?

I would also need an understanding if any department specific presentations have begun as proposed in 2021, and if so, what was the nature of the presentation and the outcome/feedback from each department? 

The Energy Evolution Strategy provides a tremendous volume of information. As the new Council becomes active, these discussions and more are required to ensure all questions/concerns are addressed, and an agreed upon way forward has been set out. If elected, I look forward to engaging further to help shape the future of our great city.

Vilteau Delvas

Yes. I will support but we need to make sure that Mother Nature had limited impact in our decision. And also cost effective for everyone and anyone.

Granda Kopytko

Did not participate.

Pat McGarry

Did not participate.

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