Q10 - In addition to improving recycling, will you support ambitiously collecting green bin waste in multi-residential buildings and curbside, ensuring Ottawa avoids replacing our landfill site with either a new landfill or an incinerator anytime soon?

Laine Johnson

Yes, we cannot keep filling our landfills and creating new ones, and I want to look at all options to divert waste as best we can.  We must incentivize diversion to organic and recycling. This means supporting local businesses and residents to divert waste. We pay property taxes towards waste management, and I'd like to expand community gardening and food sharing opportunities to keep food from being wasted and give people better agency over their food choices. I will work with the City and businesses to better divert business waste, and encourage recycling and green bin use. Additionally, I am interested in strengthening the ability of condo and apartment dwellers to access recycling and green bins in their complexes.

Wendy Davidson


Vilteau Delvas


Granda Kopytko

Did not participate.

Pat McGarry

Did not participate.

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