Q9 - Will you prioritize the conservation of existing greenspace, as well as biodiversity on both city and privately owned lands by amending the property standards by-law, as well as increasing targets for and allocating more funds towards naturalization?

Laine Johnson

Yes. Ottawa’s significant greenspace is one of the features that sets the city apart. Residents love the walking trails, urban woodlands, cycling paths, creeks and more. I am committed to ensuring that Ottawa stays “green”, and that the City is proactively involved in maintaining and strengthening our outdoor spaces, both public and private.

We see issues in College Ward that need attention before they happen, such as the impacts of the LRT construction on the Pinecrest Creek, and I am committed to being there to make sure we make the right decisions, every step of the way.

I will support and push for more investments in protecting our local natural environment like the combined sewer project that significantly reduces wastewater overflow. I will also work with partners such as Ottawa Riverkeeper and Ecology Ottawa to better monitor air quality and waterway testing. I support both the amendment of property standards by-law, and will support increasing targets and funding towards naturalization.

Wendy Davidson


Vilteau Delvas

Yes. I am for green space but if we want to maintain what we have, we need to aloud home owners from certain areas to transform their home into multiple family unit. Specially in the old and broken down town. That will generate more revenue for home owners and more people will find a place to call home.

Granda Kopytko

Did not participate.

Pat McGarry

Did not participate.

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