Q1 - Will you commit to fully funding and implementing the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Plan?

Sean Devine

Yes. Whereas I realize that many people will react to the significant annual costs, I do believe that the long-term advantages and cost savings provide a greater benefit. With a growing population and a significant waste management crisis in the foreseeable future, Ottawa needs to respond boldly.

James Dean

No. The city of Ottawa currently has a debt of $3 Billion!!! It is costing $240 Million a year to service this debt. Once we get our current debt under control, we can start to plan on how we are going to afford a huge project like this. I am vowing to vote NO on any issues that will increase our debt any further. I will support any cost effect measures to help move us towards this goal but not if debt is involved.

Myles Egli

No. I believe in the basic principles of the Energy Evolution plan that was enacted in 2020. However, the cost to implement it is too great if the burden is carried solely by the residents of Ottawa. I would work with my counterparts at both, the provincial and federal level of government, as well developers and other industries to implement a plan that will spread the cost over a wider playing field. I believe that all the parties involved would benefit from this plan going forward.

Peter Westaway

Yes. My main long term priority is to save our environment so I am in favour of investing this time and money to improve our approach to dealing with climate change and improving our local environment.

Michael Wood

Yes. I am in full support of reducing the impact of climate change. In the Ward I am running in, the 2018 tornado and and the 2022 derecho should all have confirmed even in the most skeptical minds that climate change is real and something that is happening right in our own backyards. I believe that the Energy Revolution Plan will create new jobs in Ottawa and create a healthier environment. I will add that since I have not been on council before, I would like to fully review the plan and ensure that the money being spent is being spent in the right places. I would also like to review the plan in it's entirety to ensure all the of the key point the plan touches on will have the affect and impact we would all be hoping for. I would do this with the assistance of your organization so that we can ensure a safer, cleaner environment for all.

Peter Anthony Weber

Did not participate.

Joseph Ben-Ami

Did not participate.

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