Q10 - In addition to improving recycling, will you support ambitiously collecting green bin waste in multi-residential buildings and curbside, ensuring Ottawa avoids replacing our landfill site with either a new landfill or an incinerator anytime soon?

Sean Devine

Yes. While I support this measure, I do believe that we also need to prepare for a future where there will need to be some form of replacement for Trail. And so we should look for the most responsible solution to that potential need down the road. But for our immediate needs, I am fully in support of incentivizing residents into better waste management of organics, since I'm fully aware of how many residents are not properly educated on responsible waste management.

James Dean


Myles Egli

Yes, I believe in the green bin program and feel that it needs to include all residents. I would support expansion of the current program.

Peter Westaway

No. I believe we should look into an incinerator or other waste technology. I think our green bin program is a disaster. They are producing such low quality compost that I am wondering where it is going. Is it true that some of it goes into the landfill ultimately anyway? Some our cardboard is being shipped to India according the the city of Ottawa website. That is outrageous and should be stopped immediately.

Michael Wood

Yes. I am willing to review and investigate what the costs and environmental impacts would be to having large vehicles constantly on the road picking up this waste. This waste management model would need public education and public buy in to be effective.  With that said, delivering the message to the public and getting them to engage fully would have to be first priority.

Peter Anthony Weber

Did not participate.

Joseph Ben-Ami

Did not participate.

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