Q2 - Will you commit to no more extensions of the urban boundary, and support building more 15-minute neighborhoods throughout the City of Ottawa, not just in the urban core?

Sean Devine

Yes. I am certainly an advocate of reducing urban sprawl and increasing intensification, but not only as a means of protecting against further climate change. Sprawl has been proven to have a detrimental impact on the livability of communities, where the increased car-dependency results in less community engagement and interaction.

James Dean

Yes. The city needs to update its short and long term plan to have a specific plan on intensification and utilize the many locations we currently have. There currently is very little middle development. We have a lot of land that can easily allow for duplexes, triplexes, 4-plexes and 6-plexes. It seems as though we are jumping from single family homes to high rise building and missing this valuable middle step. I am against Catherine McKenney and their slate of candidates plan of removing R1 zoning from the city completely. This will give the builders full control to piece meal intensification with little to no authority from the city.

Myles Egli

Yes. I am a firm believer in the 15 minute community; it is part of my platform that can be found at https://mylesegli4ward9.ca/. I believe it would not only benefit the environment but also those that live in these communities. The challenge will be developing these communities in the older neighborhoods. I would work with my counterparts to develop a working plan.

Peter Westaway

Yes. I want us to start developing ultra modern eco-towns in the large corn fields in the Ottawa Greenbelt. These will definitely each be 15 minute neighbourhoods, and will make any expansion of the urban boundary to be unnecessary.

Michael Wood

Yes. Ottawa has often been described as a big city with a small town feel. The idea of having walkable neighborhoods with mixed use development would be a natural fit and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve livability. The plan will take some marketing and the delivery of positive messaging to encourage people to get out and I will be more than happy to help in delivering that message.

Peter Anthony Weber

Did not participate.

Joseph Ben-Ami

Did not participate.

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