Q3 - Will you commit to phasing out natural gas infrastructure and prioritize conservation and efficiency over new, renewed or expanded gas infrastructure?

Sean Devine

Yes. I am in support of this initiative, but only through a gradual and incremental implementation.

James Dean

Yes. This kind of decision is about 20 years too early. Let's make the transition as wisely as we can. Let's focus on we get around or heat our homes.  Another option would be to re-invest all money earned from our gas business into newer and greener technologies. We make billions of dollars from this now. This could fund all kind of new and better ways to travel and heat our homes. Money can speed up our green transition.

Myles Egli

Yes. I will work with my fellow councilors to prioritize conservation and efficiency over new, renewed or expanded gas infrastructure. I believe that we need to cost out a plan in order to move forward and ensure that the taxpayer is not overly burdened by these changes.  We need to strike a balance between protecting our climate/environment and the additional expense to the taxpayer. Many of our taxpayers are seniors and are not in a financial position to incur large increases to their monthly bills.

Peter Westaway

Yes. If our society has any chance of long term survival we must practice much better conservation methods, and we must keep working on making buildings and vehicles more energy efficient.

Michael Wood

Yes. I will commit to examining and reviewing the above. We have to ensure that major infrastructure projects don't see a reflection of cost transferred to the end user all while protecting the environment efficiently.

Peter Anthony Weber

Did not participate.

Joseph Ben-Ami

Did not participate.

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