Q6 - Will you commit to building a public transit system that is rapid, reliable, affordable and accessible for all users, with proper transit routes within rural, suburban and lower income communities?

Sean Devine

Yes. Again, this is among my three core campaign priorities. The best cities have the best transit, and we are lagging far behind. In order for Ottawa to meet the needs of our rapidly growing population, and in order to avoid increasing climate impact due to vehicular use, we must invest in a reliable, affordable city-wide transit system.

James Dean


Myles Egli

Yes. I will work towards making a public transportation system that is affordable, reliable and that takes you where you need to go. The current system does not meet that criteria. If we had a system that took the commuter (you!) to where you needed to go we would have a higher ridership.

Peter Westaway

Yes. I don't want to expand LRT beyond stage 2. Buses will soon be much more affordable with the advent of driverless vehicles. Smaller driverless buses should be traveling on the transitways within five years. And on open roads in ten.

Michael Wood

Yes. Transit needs to be full reviewed with so many new councillors coming on board. We will all need to work together to ensure transit is reliable, efficient and accessible to all that use it.

Peter Anthony Weber

Did not participate.

Joseph Ben-Ami

Did not participate.

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