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Why we need a Living City

Ecology Ottawa’s Living City program is about making our already great neighbourhoods even better.

It is about working together to address the very real challenges that we are facing today as a society.

We need communities that have strong tree canopies, healthy waterways, and protected green spaces, not only because they are more sustainable and better able to adapt to problems such as climate change, but also because they are cornerstones in fostering healthy citizens and neighbourhoods.

In essence, it will integrate nature into the very fabric of urban planning, defend trees, plants, animals, rivers and green spaces and solve challenges by working with – not against – nature.

The Living City works to inspire Ottawa residents to prioritize trees, protect greenspaces and promote healthy watersheds by focusing on green infrastructure, planting trees, proper stormwater management, and purchasing local parks and natural areas for long-term protection.

News & Updates

Tree giveaway at Great Glebe Garage Sale - Don d'arbres dans le Glebe

Come to the Great Glebe Garage Sale to receive a free seedling!

We'll have the following native species on hand:

We'll also help you select a species that's right for you, as well as provide information on planting and caring for your seedling.

If you don't have a place to plant a tree, we'll also have other ways to support the strengthening of Ottawa's tree canopy and the supporting of biodiversity in the city, such as signing our tree petition or our rewilding petition or learning about our other programs.

If you can't make this giveaway, we're planning to hold two more in later summer, one in the east end and the other in the west end.

We hope to see you at one of our giveaways!

(PS Please RSVP to help us plan for the event!)


Venez à la Grande vente de garage du Glebe pour recevoir un jeune semis gratuit !


Nous aurons les espèces indigènes suivantes sur place :

Nous vous aiderons également à choisir l'espèce qui vous convient, et nous vous fournirons des renseignements sur la façon de planter votre jeune plant et d'en prendre soin.

Si vous n'avez pas de la place pour planter un arbre, nous vous proposerons d'autres façons d'appuyer le renforcement du couvert forestier d'Ottawa et le soutien de la biodiversité dans la ville, par exemple en signant notre pétition sur les arbres ou notre pétition sur le réensauvagement, ou en apprenant à connaître nos autres programmes.

Si vous ne pouvez pas participer à ce don d'arbres, nous prévoyons d'en organiser deux autres à la fin de l'été, l'un dans l'est et l'autre dans l'ouest de la ville.

Nous espérons vous voir au 166, avenue Glebe, le 25 mai !

(PS S'il vous plaît RSVP pour nous aider à planifier !)


How to Winterize your Trees

There is no escaping the harsh weather of an Ottawa winter, especially for the trees. This season we gave away 15,000 trees at our Tree Giveaway events and now, we want to make sure you know how to prepare and care for them over the winter!

Rain Ready Ottawa - Protecting our watershed and our basements

When it rains, do you think about where that water is going once it hits the ground? Stormwater actually plays a large role in the health of Ottawa’s creeks and rivers. Where it goes once it hits the ground and what it picks up along the way can heavily impact the aquatic habitats and recreational activities that the Ottawa River provides. So, what is being done to manage it?

Our second Fall Bioblitz!

Help us protect the places you love! Join us this long weekend, October 8th to 11th, for our second fall bioblitz! It is just as important to continue collecting this much needed data on Ottawa's biodiversity during the Autumn months.

Fall Bioblitz!

Fall Bioblitz!

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of National Tree Day and National Forest Week with an online Fall Bioblitz starting on Friday, September 24th! It's time for you to become a Biodiversity Champion and collect much-needed data on Ottawa's nature! 

Hear Ecology Ottawa on CBC Radio's All In A Day

Over the last couple of weeks, Alan Neal from CBC Radio's All In A Day has invited Ecology Ottawa on to discuss what the City of Ottawa can do about climate change.

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