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Welcome to Ecology Ottawa’s City Council and Committee Contact Information page! This page is part of our Council Watch program, which helps Ottawans engage with City Hall on ecological issues of concern to them. Please explore below to find the composition of City Council’s committees and the contact information of councillors on those committees.

For more information on these committees, see the City’s official webpage; and for the contact information of all councillors and the mayor, see this City page. For more information on how City Council operates—including the role of committees —please see our City Council primer.

If you do contact city councillors on ecological matters, please feel free to CC us! And please also email us any feedback on this webpage that you might have. Enjoy!

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The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee is responsible for ensuring that the unique interests and requirements of the City’s rural areas are taken into account in the decisions made by the City of Ottawa, and identify ways to promote an understanding of rural and agricultural communities and their issues.  The Committee will make recommendations to Council on issues and programs pertaining to the agricultural and associated industries, the rural economy, rural residential communities, land development and landscaping, transportation, water, wastewater and stormwater services, and environmental protection.

See the City's webpage for more information.


Name (and ward) Ward Email Phone Number
*George Darouze 20 - Osgoode [email protected] 613-580-2490
**Clarke Kelly 5 - West Carleton March [email protected] 613-580-2475
David Brown 21 - Rideau-Jock [email protected] 613-580-2491
Catherine Kitts 19 - Orleans South-Navan [email protected] 613-580-2489
Matthew Luloff 1 - Orleans East Cumberland [email protected] 613-580-2471

* Chair

** Vice Chair

Committee coordinator: Kelly Crozier, [email protected], (613) 580-2424, ext. 16875.

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