It's time to head back to the drawing board on Lansdowne 2.0

The $332 million proposed redevelopment of Lansdowne provides a city-wide, taxpayer issue, with long-term implications, just ten years after the City spent $175 million revitalizing Lansdowne. Calls for meaningful public consultation on this project must be even more important in light of the fact that Lansdowne is now predicted to generate far less money.


What do you think?

The lack of meaningful community consultation on this project has been shocking for many, with city residents left wondering whatever happened to community consultations? Those public engagement events hosted by the City have been woefully indequate, with residents still struggling to get information. The local community has been forced to create their own 3D model of the proposals as the City refused to do so.



The redevelopment plan as it currently stands, involves these key elements:

  • New Arena/Performance Centre in the park
  • New North Side Stands
  • Expanded Retail in new podium building
  • 2 skyscraper towers (up to 40 storeys)
  • 3rd stand-alone tower (29 storeys)
  • Public Realm improvements

For more information on the proposals, you can visit this website with some alternative options sketched out.



What can you do?

Sign the Petition that calls for, at a minimum, 5 Things:

  • Public Realm Enhancements
  • No Net Loss of Accessible Greenspace
  • Affordable Housing
  • No Skyscrapers in our Park
  • A Transportation Plan that works



You can also email the Mayor, your City Councillor and staff, to let them know what you think (and copy the Lansdowne feedback email [email protected]). Below is a sample text you can use: 


  • I have signed the petition in support of the 5 Things.


  • I do not support the idea of diverting 90% of taxes for the next 40 years, from proposed skyscrapers, to pay down the proposed debt, leaving only 10% to pay for municipal services. It is clearly not revenue neutral for taxpayers who will have to cover shortfalls.  It would be equivalent to taking the Airport Hotel tax diversion proposal, which Council did not support, to the extreme.


  • Taxpayers must be provided with options (for key elements including the arena/north side stands/residential/retail): a “take it or leave it” proposal for Lansdowne 2.0  is not acceptable (include your comments about Lansdowne Alternative Concepts).


  • The City must evaluate locations that are supported by LRT, and are supportive of LRT. If taxpayers are going to spend roughly $200M on building a brand new arena/performance centre, it must be located where it will bring most benefits, to the most residents across the City, and make the best use of taxpayer dollars (go to Lansdowne 2.0 Facebook page for just some ideas of where it might go and share your views).


  • I do not support moving forward with any redevelopment plan for Lansdowne, until decisions, expected in the next 3 months, are taken re: new ownership and a new arena for the Senators, and the implications for a new OHL arena are better understood.

Lansdowne is a city-wide and regional tourist attraction. The revitalization of Lansdowne will be one of the largest projects considered during this term of Ottawa City Council, and will involve significant additional borrowing at a time when the City is under financial pressure. Transparency and a process that builds public confidence in the decision-making process are essential, and proposals must be in the public interest. It is clear that the City's current opportunities for "engagement" on the Lansdowne 2.0 project do not meet the minimum criteria for meaningful consultation. Why are the public's wishes not being taken seriously? With a new Mayor and Council, the City needs to do better.

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