We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of National Tree Day and National Forest Week with an online Fall Bioblitz starting on Friday, September 24th! It's time for you to become a Biodiversity Champion and collect much-needed data on Ottawa's nature! 

What is a Bioblitz?

Ecology Ottawa's Fall Bioblitz is a 3-day event that challenges you to get outside and explore your nearby nature for all kinds of wildlife. Participants will document their observations on iNaturalist, a mobile and web app that allows users to document all the nature they encounter. The goal is to collect as many natural observations as you can from birds to plants to insects, you name it! Help us better understand the rich biodiversity present in Ottawa that needs protection. We recommend trying to identifying some native tree species by their leaves before they're gone for the winter!

Check out the results of our Fall Bioblitz here 

How do I participate?

Participating in this event is super easy because guess what? There is nature all around us! Whether it be on a local hike or in your own backyard, plants and wildlife are everywhere. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

Want to do more for Ottawa's Biodiversity? 

Rewiliding initiatives must be prioritized in order to support our city's nature. Our petition calls on council to make bold financial and political commitments to rewild Ottawa. Sign the Rewilding petition today to start protecting and conserving Ottawa's unique and rich biodiversity. 

Click here to sign petition

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