Let's Rewild Ottawa

Update: Council voted to permit resident stewardship of boulevardsour first requestthanks in part to people who signed this petition. Find out more in our summary. This petition's other requests remain outstanding.

Rewilding is a method of conservation that helps nature thrive. In urban spaces, in particular, rewilding is all about reimagining our relationship with nature. It involves the deliberate planting of native species and allowing this vegetation to become established through natural regeneration.

Cities around the world are embracing the idea of rewilding. If Ottawa is serious about a green and just recovery from the Covid pandemic, rewilding initiatives must be prioritized. 

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We, the undersigned, urge council to take ambitious action to conserve and restore nature in Ottawa by making bold financial and political commitments to rewild our city.

We urge council to:

  1.     Amend by-laws to encourage residents to transform front yards and boulevards into naturalized gardens;
  2.     Allocate more money to naturalization through city park budgets;
  3.     Increase naturalization targets for city parks;
  4.     Prioritize conservation of existing greenspace; and
  5.     Educate the public on the benefits of rewilding.


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