How to Take Action after the Ice Storm and Tree Loss

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We were saddened to see so many trees lost in Wednesday’s freezing rain. Here are a few photos of downed trees across the city.

A fallen tree in Centretown (credit: @sjamieiet).


A downed tree along the Trillium Pathway near Somerset (credit: Barbara Greenberg).


A downed tree across a road (credit: Hydro Ottawa).


As many have commented, this great loss of trees highlights the urgent need to strengthen our urban forest canopy: tree-threatening weather events will only increase as we feel the effects of climate change.

At the same time, trees are critical to combatting the effects of climate change: they cool down our communities during hot weather, soak up water during storms, provide habitat for birds and animals, filter and clean the air, sequester carbon, and improve mental health.

So what can you do to strengthen Ottawa's urban forest canopy?

Here are a few things:

Together we can make a resilient, green Ottawa!

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