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Cheryl Randall
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The People's Official Plan (POP) will be hosting a workshop to discuss the changes we need to see in the revised Official Plan when it is released in August.

The workshop will take place on Zoom on Monday 26th July from 7 to 8.30pm.



POP supports the general policy directions and intentions in the draft Official Plan. We support building a more livable and compact city (i.e., intensification), public investments that will build a more equitable city, and a city embarking on a low carbon development path. We also agree, in principle, with two key implementation tools of the draft Official Plan: 15-minute neighbourhoods and form-based zoning. However, we are concerned that even with the developments outlined in the As We Heard It report, the draft Official Plan does not yet provide the necessary guidance and direction for how to get to the liveable city that we all need.

The timeframe between the publication of the second draft Official Plan on 20th August and the JPARAC meeting on 13-15th September is very tight, so we want to ensure that we are all prepared going in. To this end, the People’s Official Plan will be holding two workshops. The first will be on Monday 26th July from 7 to 8.30pm to discuss what we know today about where the Official Plan is going and what still needs to change. We will also look at what Councillors are saying about targets and monitoring that need to be included in the Official Plan. The second will be immediately after the revised draft Official Plan is published on 20th August (date to be decided nearer the time). This workshop will seek to develop collective positions on the OP and how to communicate these to City Staff and elected officials before it is approved. The workshops will be a combination of presentations and small group discussion.

Simply RSVP to confirm your attendance for the workshop on Monday 26th July 2021 from 7pm and join us to discuss how to ensure that City staff and Councillors take note of what changes need to be made to the draft Official Plan before it can become a workable document to guide our land-use until 2046. Zoom details will be sent to you nearer the time.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Click here to see our highly-detailed Technical Report highlighting the key deficiencies in the draft Official Plan, and suggesting ways the City planning staff can make specific improvements and including key targets which the City must implement to allow monitoring. Our Key Issues document below summarises the issues for easy reference.

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