Q11 - Will you support the introduction of a user pay system for curbside residual waste collection, where residents pay for the bags or containers that they put out for collection, according to the actual level of service that they use?

Rebecca Bromwich


Shawn Menard

Yes. We need to reduce organic waste to landfill. Siting a new landfill would be $400 million and incineration even more expensive. We support a new model of waste collection that reduces the bags allowed to be put out at the curb, with a ban on organics. A user pay system for waste collection above a certain number of bags makes sense. We’ve seen this work in other jurisdictions, as an effective way to incentivize behavior. It is part of the solution to reducing waste, in concert with enhanced multi-residential composting and recycling, more education and outreach in the community, as well as efforts to minimize waste at the level of producer responsibility. 

Dan Rogers

No. The city should re-evaluate how it spends the money it has. A decision should be made on what services the public can expect from government for the funding the public provides.

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