Council Watch Monthly Digest- February 2013

Environment Committee (February 19): Councillors of the Environment Committee approved city staff’s recommendation to impose a 7% increase in 2013 water/sewer rates. Ecology Ottawa congratulates the Environment Committee on approving this motion, especially in light of the fact that office holders are normally under pressure to avoid rate increases, but hiking rates and adopting a user-pay approach ultimately encourages water conservation and discourages waste.

City Council (February 27): This meeting saw the full City Council approve the increase in 2013 water/sewer rates.

Ecology Ottawa’s rating of City Councillors:

7% Increase in water/sewer rates
City Councillor Rating
Councillors on the Environment Committee and full City Council* Thumbs-up
*S. Moffat, R. Chiarelli, R.Bloess, D. Chernushenko, J.Harder, M.Wilkinson, M.Fleury, S.Qadri, P.Clark, K.Egli, D.Deanes, K.Hobbs, T.Tierney, D.Thompson, A.Hubley, S. Desroches, P. Hume, M. Mcrae

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