What can you do to fight climate change? The Countdown: #1 Tell Politicians it Matters

Vote For MeThis is the easiest and the most effective thing you can do. Please DO IT.

We don’t reinsulate our house every month or adjust our investment portfolio every week but we do make phone calls and send emails every day. It’s easy to send a message to your elected officials.

Hearing from you helps them set their priorities. If we want to change society it’s politicians who set the rules.

Make a resolution to contact your elected officials several times a year to tell them you think fighting climate change is important. You don’t need to say more than that to begin with. Keep your eyes open and if you hear them do something good with respect to climate change, congratulate them; something bad, tell them you disagree.

If you don’t tell them you care about climate change they won’t know.

A phone call is most powerful, but can easily be backed up with an email. Hand written letters stand out too. Politicians love to “meet the people” which means you can deliver your concerns in person and look them in the eye.

Here’s how to find out who your elected officials are if you live in the City of Ottawa.

Here’s a short video if you don’t know what to say to your politician.

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#5 save energy

#4 divest from fossil fuel

#3 support a group

#2 stop tarsands pipelines

Also, sign the Ottawa Climate Pledge

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