What can you do to fight climate change? The Countdown: #5 Save Energy

sunshineWhat can a person do to fight climate change? First you have to know that climate change isn’t your fault personally. This is a societal issue that society as a whole has to change.

The atmosphere is warming mostly because humans are burning oil, coal and gas to produce energy. Almost every time we switch on a light or start up the car something somewhere is burning. Almost everything that burns produces carbon dioxide (CO2) which is climate change’s biggest contributor.

You yourself are not going to solve the climate crisis by adding more insulation, switching to LED lights, buying an electric car and signing up for BullFrog Power (a green energy provider).

But it helps and sets a good example for your friends and family.

Saving energy has been the mantra for decades now but the problem is, we as a society keep using more and more energy instead of less and less. This action won’t solve the crisis but it will mean you aren’t being a hypocrite.

They say that the first 25% of energy savings you undertake will save you money and that if you invest those savings in more energy saving you can get to 50% energy savings at net zero cost.

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#4 divest from fossil fuel

#3 support a group

#2 stop tarsands pipelines

#1 tell politicians it matters

Also, sign the Ottawa Climate Pledge

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