Media Release: Elections Survey: Candidates Agree Urgent Action Needed on Climate Change


Elections Survey: Candidates Agree Urgent Action Needed on Climate Change

OTTAWA (September 27, 2014): – Just days after incumbent mayor Jim Watson said in an environmental all candidates debate that the city has “a moral and ecological responsibility” to address climate change, local environmental organization Ecology Ottawa releases its report on the views of candidates for city council on the issue.

Nine out of ten Ottawa City Council candidates say they believe the city must do its part to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change, according to a candidates’ survey conducted by Ecology Ottawa.

“The survey results show that candidates all over Ottawa—and the vast majority of candidates—understand that not only is climate change one of the most important challenges of our time, but that the City has a role and responsibility to play in addressing that challenge” says Charles Hodgson, the lead for Ecology Ottawa’s climate change campaign.

Ecology Ottawa asked all candidates running in the October 27 municipal election to explain where they stand on Ottawa’s most pressing environmental issues by completing a questionnaire. 66 out of the total of 124 candidates have responded thus far.

“Lots of candidates have specific initiatives they’d like to see implemented, such as ways to finance household energy efficiency renovations; or something called a ‘climate lens’ to ensure City decision-making takes climate change into account” Hodgson says. “This shows that community leaders running for office know that we all have a role to play. They agree with the outgoing council's decision in May to reengage on global warming by passing a climate change management plan. Many candidates want to go further, they think the targets in the plan aren't ambitious enough” Hodgson says.

A full report of candidates’ responses on complete streets can be downloaded here: Your Decision - Vote for a Healthy & Green Ottawa - Election 2014 - All-Candidates Survey - Council Candidates Want Urgent Action on Climate Change. The report is the second installment of Ecology Ottawa’s series during Election 2014. Four more reports will be released in the weeks leading up to Election Day in Ottawa onOctober 27th.

For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Charles Hodgson Ecology Ottawa’s volunteer climate change campaign lead -or- Robb Barnes Ecology Ottawa's electoral outreach coordinator

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