Three New Energy East Reports Now Available!

2nd OEB InviteAhead of the upcoming Ontario Energy Board hearings on Energy East, we're proud to release three new reports that focus on why Energy East is a huge risk that we can't afford.

The first document is our "Guide to Energy East".

It's a very in-depth document that outlines our major concerns with the proposed pipeline, as well as how we intend to stop it from being built. It's a very good place to get the most up-to-date information on the pipeline and our campaign.

The second document is called "Why the City of Ottawa Can – and Should – Take Action on the Proposed Energy East Pipeline".

It's a report that responds to common responses from City Council that they have no jurisdiction to act on Energy East. On the contrary, we look at dozens of cities that have taken action on Energy East and similar pipelines, and argue that the city has the responsibility to look out for our interests and concerns.

The third document is "The Top 9 Reasons Why Energy East Is Bad for the Climate".

We look at nine powerful reasons why Energy East would be a disaster for our climate. At a time when climate scientists have told us we need to leave over 80% of tar sands in the ground, we simply can't afford to build a new tar sands pipeline. This report shows why.

There's still time to sign up to attend the next round of the Ontario Energy Board hearings on January 22nd, we hope to see you there!

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