Wastewater treatment: Ottawa’s efforts hailed by environmentalists

Environmental groups were delighted to hear the announcement of new resources that would reduce the wastewater spills into the Ottawa River.

Representatives of all three levels of government have formalised today the allotment of new financing to the Gloucester wastewater treatment plant.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Harper government could release just over 62 million dollars for the project.

The Ontario government might allocate up to a similar amount within the context of the Moving Ontario Forward initiative. For its part, the City of Ottawa will be responsible for the remaining costs related to the project with a budget estimated at 231 million dollars.

“I am very happy to hear this news. It’s not easy to obtain this much financing for an infrastructure project and to have the cooperation of the three levels of government,” explains Meredith Brown, Executive Director of Ottawa Riverkeeper.

The funding will be used by the national capital to build an underground storage system. Wastewater spills into the river will be eliminated thanks to this system.

This initiative falls within the last phase of the Ottawa River Action Plan which was adopted by the City of Ottawa in 2009.

The project, announced today, includes the construction of two connected tunnels for the mixed wastewater collecting system:

  • The east-west tunnel will go through the downtown area, the Lebreton Flats and as far as the Stanley Park;
  • The north-south tunnel will run along Kent St, Chamberlain St and up to Wellington St with the associated infrastructure.
To read more (in french) and watch the report click here.

(An article from Gilles Taillon - ICI Radio Canada)


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