Petawawa raises pipeline worries with TransCanada

PETAWAWA - Councillors remains skeptical that the proposed Energy East pipeline will be entirely risk free from spills.

TransCanada representatives tried to alleviate fears of an ecological disaster during a presentation to council Monday night as they explained the project that will see natural gas pipelines running through the municipality converted to carry oil.

The ambitious $12 billion venture which would see a 4,500-kilometre pipeline built to carry 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada. This would be a combination of 1,400 kilometres of new pipeline construction linking up with 3,000 kilometres of existing natural gas pipeline which will be converted to carry crude oil.

"Pipelines are by far the safest means to transport energy," said TransCanada spokesman Jon Pitcher.

Edited by Sean Chase, Daily Observer.

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