Congratulations to St. Anthony School for winning the Aviva Community Fund!

Read the full OCSB announcement here: NR 15 09 OCSB - St Anthony School wins $100,000 depave2Congratulations to the St. Anthony School for winning the grand prize of $100,000 to green their yard! With this money, the school is set to take out the old asphalt and replace it with a water-permeable surface. This will allow for proper drainage, cooling of the surrounding area, as well as providing a child-friendly surface for the children to play on. St. Anthony School has partnered with Ecology Ottawa in the past to design a new concept for their yard that is more suitable for the students, as well as more environmentally friendly. They also participated in an Ecology Ottawa depave event in September 2015 (pictures to left and below).

See the full Aviva Community Fund announcement and be sure to check out the Ottawa Citizen article from the September 2015 depave event!

Be sure to check out St. Anthony's Facebook page for updates as well.











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