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Botanical Garden: an place where plants are grown for public display and for some scientific study.


We all know what botanical gardens are. Chances are that you've been to one, such as the one in Montreal (which is gorgeous). But what we currently lack is a national botanical garden, but that may very well be soon to change!


A national botanical garden has been a dream for Ottawa since at least 1887. But this time around, this dream is might very well become a reality, as a group aims to transform Central Experimental Farm into a place of natural sights for all to see.

The goal: a garden of international caliber on 34 acres bounded by Prince of Wales Drive and the Rideau Canal, with a grand opening in 2019. This botanical garden will be titled Canadenisis, the Garden of Canada. It ideally would include an outdoor amphitheatre for concerts, and programs like winter walks and horticulture lectures and workshops. It would be a showcase for Agriculture Canada horticultural research and offer the wow factor of water gardens, a canopy walk with a view over the treetops and a living green tower as a vertical landmark. There would be a green element: all of the surface water is to be managed on site and buildings are to be LEED certified.

Canadensis hopes to raise the initial $25 million over the next few years, and is in the process of building a fundraising committee with a professional fundraiser at the helm. About $40 million is expected to come from infrastructure development grants, with the remainder coming from sponsorships and fundraising. This definitely is a great project to work towards!

Hopefully we'll have a beautiful garden to stroll through in the near future!

For additional information, please click here and here!

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