Trees and Noise Pollution



"Anything that isn't music is noise," or so the saying goes. From loud aircraft noise to roadway noise, noise is a constant disturbance in our lives. Noise can cause anxiety, tension, or even illness, and prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can cause hearing loss. Noise is also regarded as a form of environmental pollution, and is sometimes considered an international health concern.

So what do trees have to do with it? Trees can actually help reduce noise pollution, helping filter out those loud and annoying sounds that can cause everyone headaches. It's not just trees that help reduce noise, but shrubs and other plants in general.

How does this work? The answer is simple: white noise. Wind passing through leaves and shrubs emit white noise, which, on a grander scale, helps muffle and eliminate noise pollution entering specific areas. Rather than hearing the loud honking of cars, you'll get the soothing rustling of wind through leaves, natural and gradual sounds that cause little disturbances in our lives. These green noise buffers can reduce noise by five to ten decibels for every 30m width of woodland, especially sharp tones, and thus can ultimately reduce noise to the human ear by approximately 50%. They are excellent wardens to ensure we live and work in quiet and peaceful areas!

So the more trees you have, the less noise pollution you'll have. Plus they're great for reducing air pollution and make wonderful for scenery, so what's not to love about trees?

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