Cyclists and Pedestrians Unite!

Ottawa has a Riverkeeper to keep our rivers clean and healthy, so why shouldn’t we also have a Pathmaker to do the same for our streets?

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It’s a sad fact. Ottawa – a city of one million people – lacks a full-time advocate dedicated to improving the health and safety of its streets for all users. We need a strong, independent voice to speak up on the issues that matter to cyclists and pedestrians in our city. We need someone to fight for better bike infrastructure, more complete streets, more accessibility and more connectivity.

Biking and walking around the city should be the healthy and convenient choice, but it can be unsafe – sometimes even deadly. And while City Hall can talk a good game on cycling and complete streets, it’s a long way off from implementing smart transportation network changes at scale. Whether it’s about forgetting the bike lanes on Booth Street bridge or barring pedestrians from accessing Prince of Wales bridge, the City needs to be watched and pushed if we expect it to make the right decisions.

We’re calling on Ottawa’s cyclists and pedestrians to come together and fund a full-time position that will help ensure Ottawa’s streets are safe and healthy now and into the future. Click here to donate today. 

Click here to read more about our rationale for this campaign. 

We’re looking for 200 Trailblazers who will commit to donating $1 a day, about half the cost of a daily cup of coffee (a monthly donation of $31). Trailblazer donations will:

  • Help ensure that cyclists and pedestrians are prioritized when streets are re-built in neighbourhoods across the city
  • Keep the public in the loop on policy developments at City Hall and impacts on Ottawa’s streetscape
  • Pressure the City to make and implement the right decisions
  • Help ensure the City delivers on their promises for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure
Trailblazers who want to get involved above and beyond their monthly donation will be invited to a quarterly Pathmaker Congress where we will host discussions with city officials, discuss strategy and provide updates on developments. They will be brought into a city-wide discussion as Ecology Ottawa works collaboratively with groups like Citizens for Safe Cycling and EnviroCentre to build a better city.

Will you step up and make Ottawa a better place for cyclists and pedestrians?

Sign up today at to become a Trailblazer and help make Ottawa the cycling and pedestrian leader we know it can be.

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