Edible Water: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Hydration

People are slowly becoming more and more aware of the harmful impacts water bottles pose to the environment. But water is essential to the human's diet, so what are alternative methods to getting the hydration we need with minimal harm to the environment?

The answer is yes. "Edible Water Bubbles" may sound like things of the future, but in reality, they are now becoming things of the present. A UK base lab has developed a fully ingestible water container, called the Ooho. This spherical container is gelatinous, created completely from plants and seaweed.

ooho-sky-700x466The point of the container is to mimic nature's natural packaging of fruits and vegetables: the container, though edible, peels off just as easily as fruit and vegetable peels. It is also biodegradable should the container end up discarded, breaking down in 4-6 weeks, which is roughly the same time frame fruits break down at. Economically, it is cheaper than plastic, thus making it another option for phasing out plastic water bottles.

Different sizes obviously hold different volumes of water within, and can thus be "eaten" at events requiring different amounts of water per person as needed. New flavours and colours are also being tested, which will further add to the excitement and appeal to switching to these environmentally friendly alternatives to water bottles!

Just think: if you're running in one of Ottawa's numerous marathon and are stopping to get a sip of water, how easy (and fun) would it be to just pop one of these into your mouth? Tons!

To read the full article, go here: http://nationalpost.com/life/food/how-an-edible-water-balloon-could-bring-new-meaning-to-eat-your-water/wcm/e923a3aa-d98f-418f-a47e-2d4c799d76a5

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