Ottawa's First Zero-Waste Grocery Store


Packaging creates a lot of waste: plastic bags, containers, cling wrap, and separators all accumulate in the waste. But the opening of NU Grocery, Ottawa's first zero-waste store, opens up various doors and possibilities for grocery stores to step towards reducing the amount of waste their products produce for consumers.

Located on 1130 Wellington St. W in Ottawa, the store is founded upon the concept that the buyers bring their own reusable containers. The cost of items are through weight, with the original weight of the container deducted off the final weight.

The grocery store contains traditional grocery items, such as produce, baked goods, dry foods, dairy products, and others. A wall of liquid dispensers allows for the selection of oils, vinegars and other liquid food items. Similarly, other items like cleaning products and beauty products are available as well. It literally has everything you'd expect any normal grocery store to have!

This is definitely a step in the right direction for the environment. We can only hope this trend picks up, and that grocery stores all over Ottawa (and eventually, the world) will follow suit!

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