City View 15-Minute Neighbourhood Workshop Report

Over two Saturdays in January 2021, Ecology Ottawa hosted a workshop for residents of the City View community and other interested parties, led by Walkable Ottawa founder Rosaline Hill and planner Carolyn Mackenzie.

The aim of the workshop was to look in detail at the existing infrastructure in City View and assess how the stated aim in the draft Official Plan to regenerate the area, identified as an evolving overlay, will impact the community in its transformation to a complete 15-minute neighbourhood.

Thoughts, concerns and suggestions of participants were consulted on several key topics relating to creating complete 15-minute neighbourhoods, namely: community amenities, roads, sewer system, sidewalks, cycling, transit, small shops, parks, greenspaces and tree canopy.

Participants included families with children and grandparents, keen walkers, avid cyclists, aging-in-place residents, wheelchair & walker users and dog owners.

See below for the analysis in the report.


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