Ottawa Climate Equity

Achieving Canada's and Ottawa's goal of net-zero GHG emissions by 2050 requires creating tangible, compelling and relevant climate solutions for all demographics.

Increased buy-in and action from all demographics means the environmental movement must stop existing in a silo by preaching to the converted while neglecting those who may face obstacles to engagement.

The Ottawa Climate Equity initiative broke new ground by convening local actors in climate change and social inclusion to foster relationships built on trust, common values and shared priorities that will lead to increased collaboration on climate action.

We believe that by identifying linkages between climate action and pressing concerns at the forefront for marginalized communities, we create mutually beneficial outcomes where:

  • Social inclusion organizations have a greater capacity to overcome obstacles to engaging their communities in climate action through increased capacity, resources and education,
  • Climate change organizations develop an understanding of the perspectives, values and concerns of social inclusion groups and can engage in more inclusive climate action.

This initiative involved targeting key players in the local scene by:

  • Creating partnerships between leaders in climate change and social inclusion,
  • Equipping key community members with the skills for effective community mobilizing, and
  • Co-creating communications that will be distributed to diverse audiences to motivate environmentally-conscious behaviour.

The Ottawa Climate Equity initiative was a program of the Ottawa Community Foundation, funded in part by Environment and Climate Change Canada. It was being led by the Ottawa Climate Action Fund and jointly managed with Ecology Ottawa.

We hope you support us on this journey by engaging in more diverse climate action within your networks! If you are interested in learning more, please contact [email protected].


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