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Otto’s BMW on Hunt Club to Pave Over a Pine Forest

Otto’s BMW on Hunt Club to Pave Over a Pine Forest 

In the midst of a climate emergency and devastating urban tree canopy loss in Ottawa, the City of Ottawa has approved the plan for Otto’s BMW dealership on Hunt Club to pave over 1.57 hectares of pine forest to make way for an extended parking lot. 

Summer Bioblitz

Summer Bioblitz

We have some exciting news! We are launching our first Bioblitz of the summer from June 18th-20th

Ecology Ottawa’s Summer Bioblitz is a 3 day event that challenges you to get outside and document your nearby nature. We will be collectively trying to document as many observations as we can from birds, butterflies to plants, you name it! So, whether it be on a local hike or in your own backyard, get ready to get outside and document all kinds of living things you see!

Tree Giveaway - Volunteer Orientation

Are you passionate about restoring Ottawa’s urban tree canopy? Or are you looking to get meaningful and rewarding volunteer hours for school?

We are looking for passionate volunteers for boothing at our tree giveaways, and drivers to transport our baby trees safely to our community partners’ tree giveaway locations! Are you interested in getting volunteer hours, or simply helping out in your community? This may be the opportunity for you! 

Have you seen the latest native plant restock on the Pollinator Garden Fundraiser website? We've got new species available, including false sunflowers, little bluestem grass, and great blue lobelias! Get some today while they're still in stock!

Your generous purchase will support biodiversity in our community and help to ensure the city commits to protecting the environment.

Looking for more ways to take action? Sign the petition to rewild Ottawa today!

The Living City team can’t wait to get the 2021 Tree Giveaway season
started! As many of you know, we’ve unfortunately had to postpone all
giveaways and volunteer activities until after the provincial lockdown.
Please see our events calendar where you’ll find the dates and location of
our tree giveaways starting in June here!
In 2019, we distributed 12,000 local native trees to Ottawa area residents.
This year, we need your help to distribute 15,000 trees and plant Ottawa’s
future tree canopy!
Please visit this webpage to learn more and find out how you can get involved!

2021 Tree Giveaways

The Living City Team is resuming the Tree Giveaway Campaign this year and we're ready to distribute more tree seedlings than ever: 15,000!

This initiative began because Ottawa’s urban tree canopy is under threat. Since 2008, the emerald ash borer has killed 25% of Ottawa’s trees. In addition to this, climate change, invasive pests, expanding urbanization and infill construction are also major threats to trees. We need to re-plant and keep planting to stay on top of the threats!

Lopoukhine: Gatineau Park deserves legislation to properly protect it

The National Capital Commission (NCC) recently released its 2020 draft of the Gatineau Park Master Plan. Buried towards the end of the draft plan is a presentation of the advantages and the need for modernizing the park’s legal framework.

This may surprise readers who think Gatineau Park is a “real park” under a federal act. Sadly, Gatineau Park’s boundaries are currently not legislated, and as such lands can be sold, traded without parliamentary approval and houses are still being constructed on the remaining private land within the park. As the draft plan points out, legislation would firm up the park’s conservation mission and its protection, modernize pricing of activities, establish regulations and assign powers of protection.

4 Ways To Champion Biodiversity

Biodiversity is nature. Healthy and biodiverse ecosystems provide services that we depend on for healthy communities and a strong economy. Unfortunately, we are experiencing an unprecedented rate of biodiversity loss as a result of human-caused threats, including habitat destruction, overexploitation, invasive species, pollution and climate change.

Earth Day Trivia Night 2020

We are thrilled to be launching our first ever online trivia night this coming Earth Day and you’re invited!

Come join us online to celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary with some fun-filled trivia on Ottawa’s native plant species.

Did you know?! The first Earth Day took place on April 22nd, 1970 and is credited with the emergence of environmentalism as a mass movement. Over the years, collective action taken on Earth Day has resulted in some significant political achievements around the world. But our work is not done!

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