Tree Giveaway Program Report 2019-2022

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We’re delighted to announce the publication of our Tree Report, a comprehensive overview of Ecology Ottawa’s tree program and its achievements over the past three years.

Originally inspired by the devastation wrought by the ash borer beetle beginning in 2008, the program has distributed over 60,000 native seedlings to Ottawans across the city, strengthening our invaluable tree canopy. Now, almost exactly a year after the derecho that felled tens of thousands of trees across the city, and only 50 days after a destructive ice storm, the need to strengthen our tree canopy is only more urgent.

This report details the collective efforts of Ottawa residents, volunteers, and community partners to deliver our tree program: the distribution of native seedlings, the conducting of an educational campaign, and the bringing together of our community to help make our city the green capital of Canada. We also present the results of a post-participation survey of our community partners and the wide-ranging benefits the program had both during and after giveaways.

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As with so many of our programs, the tree campaign would not have been possible without the generous support of our dedicated volunteers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed their time, energy, and resources to make this program a resounding success. We also gratefully thank the Trillium Foundation for the Grow Grant that funded the program.

How to Winterize your Trees

There is no escaping the harsh weather of an Ottawa winter, especially for the trees. This season we gave away 15,000 trees at our Tree Giveaway events and now, we want to make sure you know how to prepare and care for them over the winter!

Rain Ready Ottawa - Protecting our watershed and our basements

When it rains, do you think about where that water is going once it hits the ground? Stormwater actually plays a large role in the health of Ottawa’s creeks and rivers. Where it goes once it hits the ground and what it picks up along the way can heavily impact the aquatic habitats and recreational activities that the Ottawa River provides. So, what is being done to manage it?

Our second Fall Bioblitz!

Help us protect the places you love! Join us this long weekend, October 8th to 11th, for our second fall bioblitz! It is just as important to continue collecting this much needed data on Ottawa's biodiversity during the Autumn months.

Lament for Trees: New Civic Hospital

Let's ask city hall to send the new Civic hospital plan back to the drawing board. The recently released hospital plan breaks a promise to put a parking garage underground and will doom 523 trees because of the area to be cleared, not only for the hospital building, but other buildings and other parking lots. With the climate crisis underway, it is particularly irresponsible to remove trees when other alternatives are available.

What: Mass Choir “Lament for the Trees,” speeches and ceremony
When: Sunday, August 15
Time: 2-4 pm
Where: Experimental Farm, field north of Building 60 (Agri-Food Policy Institute) on Birch Drive


Summer Bioblitz

We have some exciting news! We are launching our first Bioblitz of the summer from June 18th-20th

Ecology Ottawa’s Summer Bioblitz is a 3 day event that challenges you to get outside and document your nearby nature. We will be collectively trying to document as many observations as we can from birds, butterflies to plants, you name it! So, whether it be on a local hike or in your own backyard, get ready to get outside and document all kinds of living things you see!

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